Early Learning & Kindergarten Incursions

Early Learning & Kindergarten Incursions from babies to pre-prep.

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Early Learning & Kindergarten Incursions

Early Learning & Kindergarten Incursions from babies to pre-prep.

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Rhythm Culture’s Early Learning and Kindergarten incursion is a great way to add fun, culture, and learning into your curriculum. We pack our Drum Sing Dance programs full of interactive fun that is educational and multicultural. There are loads of different instruments for the children to play and engage with. Every child will play their own drum and learn unique fun musical patterns which incorporate the dynamics of sound, tempo and rhythm.

Rhythm Culture’s drum sing dance Early Learning and Kindergarten incursion is an exciting program sharing insightful stories straight from Africa. There will be dancing, singing and activities that engage the body’s natural rhythm. 

Every child will have the opportunity to hear their own sound and enjoy the rhythmic beating of the drums with their friends.

Our Drum Sing Dance program is the best way for your children to have an exciting, interactive, and multicultural experience. Our program has five different incursions to choose from. Watch drum sing dance early learning and kindergarten incursion in action!

To find out what different incursions we offer, the benefits of our program and what others are saying about our kindergarten programs, view our Drum Sing Dance Program.

Early Learning & Kindergarten Incursions

Babies to Pre-prep


  • Play the Djembe (hand drum)
  • Dance the BIG JUMP
  • Super fun and active
  • Speak Sousou, an African language


  • Journey to Bamako, Mali in West Africa
  • Hear the ancient sounds of the Balafon
  • Dance with your friends, dance with everyone!
  • Play the Tama, the drum that talks!!


  • Sing the the beautiful melodies of Ghana
  • Play drum solos
  • Dance the moves of Kpanlogo
  • Clap your hands and get down in Ghana!


  • What’s that over there?! There’s a rumble in the distance!
  • Traditional dance moves
  • Dance an African story
  • Shake your shoulders and rumble those feet!


  • Hear the modern sounds of West Africa
  • Dance the latest modern moves
  • Create your own African style dance moves
  • It’s fun, active and the beats are pumping!

Early Learning & Kindergarten Incursions

These activities are all part of our Drum Sing Dance program and experienced in a fun, playful and engaging way.

Musical  – drumming, singing, and lots of instruments

Physical – dancing, coordination, spacial awareness

Interactive – every child has an instrument to play

Educational – counting, language, listening, directions

Social – teamwork, communication, connection, community

Cultural – learn about African culture through stories and play

Creative – thinking, playing and movement

Early Learning & Kindergarten Incursions

What Happens In An Incursion?

Every child will play an African djembe & unique African percussion.

Drumming, drumming and more drumming

45minute – 1hour workshop

There will be body percussion

Lots of singing, dancing & laughing

African dance moves

Call and response music patterns

The children will go on a journey through story, song & movement

Learn about how and what the African instruments are made from

Early Learning & Kindergarten Incursions

“We loved the way the show engaged all children 100% of the time. They loved having their own individual drum!! There was a great balance between listening to various instruments and moving to beat of the music with instruments in hand, and the enjoyment of being involved in some of the dances!! See you next year and thank you!”

Marrianna Van Der Zypp

Educator, Alexander-Mooloolaba Kindergarten

St Albans Wilston Kindergarten Incursion & Some Incursion Tips For Your Centre!

Last week we visited the St Albans Wilston Early Childhood Centre in Wilston, North Brisbane. We shared some drumming singing and dancing with a bunch of beautiful children and provided the centre with a Multicultural Drum Sing Dance kindergarten incursion. Their...

Sunshine Coast Drumming Kindergarten Incursion

We ran our 'Groovers in Guinea' Drum Sing Dance program this year at The Memorial Park Kindergarten, a local Sunshine Coast Kindergarten. We have visited this wonderful kindy several times before and so it was lovely to see the educators again and provide them with...

Harmony Early Learning Centre Greenslopes

Last weekend we enjoyed drumming and dancing with children and their parents at the Harmony Early Learning Greenslopes Journey grand opening day. The brand new childcare centre in Balmoral, Brisbane has just been completed and the centre was opening its doors for the...

Celebrating Mothers Day With Early Childhood Centre.

Sunday May 12th was Mothers Day in Australia. To celebrate, Community Kids, a daycare and Early Childhood Centre in Annerley, Brisbane asked us to come drum, sing and dance! It was a beautiful little setting with a stage set up under a big tree. We had lots of fun...

Drum Sing Dance with Tewantin C&K Kindy.

Last week we visited Tewantin C&K Kindy which is near Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. The Kindy had a beautiful space set up for us ready to go for our Drum Sing Dance program 'Groovers in Guinea' We ran two sessions, first with the younger kids and the second...

Drum and Dance With Little Star Kids in Stafford, Brisbane.

On Sunday we were visiting the Community Place in Stafford, Brisbane. We were providing The Little Star Kids with a drum and dance workshop program. The Little Star Kids are running programs in Queensland for children living in foster care and the event on the day was...

Rumble Dance Kindy Workshop With Beerwah Kindergarten Children.

Last week we visited the lovely Beerwah and District Kindergarten. We have visited the kindergarten several times, but this time we were set for a West African Dance Rumble Kindy Workshop and so instead of loading in 30 drums, we brought a big speaker and the magic...

Drum Sing Dance With Little Village Early Learning

Drum Sing and Dance With Our Early Child Care Program Just recently we had the privilege to visit The Little Village Early Child Care Learning Centre in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast and share our Drum Sing Dance Program with all the kids there. We ran two days of our...

Kindergarten Program -Drumming With Beerwah Kindy

Drum Sing Dance With Beerwah Kindy - We visit lots of kindergartens and all of them have a special story.This visit had us very surprised and we had the most fun drumming with Beerwah Kindy. Children are always full of stories and surprises! Beerwah Kindy is a, lovely...

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