Drum & Dance for Life

A corporate well-being workshop for corporate teams

Learn West African moves and drumming rhythms that will have your
team smiling and engaging like you have never seen before!

A fantastic musical approach to bring people together in a fun and engaging way. Be inspired, activated and energised with the ancient art forms of West African drum and dance. These engaging and motivating sessions will have your team moving together through sound and movement.

What do Rhythm Culture team building activities do?

  •  Expand and strengthen your group dynamic
  •  Explore rhythm creation and synchronisation
  •  Have fun and connect your team members
  • Encourage confidence and creativity
  • Immerse the group on a journey through Africa
  • Facilitates positive and productive seminars and meetings.
  • Play  West African drums and instruments
  •  Create a drum and dance ensemble
  • Includes Drumming, Singing & Dancing!
Rhythm Culture corporate team building workshops encourage communication, co-operation and motivation between employees and co-workers. These unique high energy workshops are an inspiring fun entertainment solution to connect your team, enhance group dynamic and team spirit.

Begin by building a strong foundation where limitless possibility can grow. Your workshop will begin with an introduction to the West African instrument, the djembe. Listen and play the bass, tone and slap. Play fast, play slow. Explore the sound and see what you can create.

Learn an ancient rhythm and connect with an energy that has bonded community for aeons.

Play the parts together, separate, in a loop. Learn breaks and enjoy beating rhythm in synchronisation with your fellow drummers. Your team members will be challenged and encouraged to focus on creating sound and movement together, whilst gaining the benefits of drumming and dancing.

What are the benefits of Drumming & Dancing?

  • physical exercise
  • fantastic stress reliever
  • great for memory and coordination
  • releases endorphins and promotes happy living
  • creates a sense of belonging within a group
  • allows an individual to move away from isolation and towards community
  • promotes multiculturalism
  • bring all of the parts together through sound and play.

What type of team building activity or exercise are you looking for?

  •  icebreaker?
  •  interactive performance?
  •  dynamic drum and dance workshop?
  •  tribal drum and dance show?
  • ignite your event with a team building drumming activity and watch an atmosphere of possibility and creativity unfold. Your employees and team members won’t forget this magical experience.
Play your African rhythms and dance to the ancient beat.
Enjoy fun choreography that will have your team clapping, tapping and stepping!

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