African drum classes are great for fitness, coordination, memory, stress relief and encourages community, friends and laughter.

Our Djembe drum and Dundun classes learn a new West African rhythm every 4 weeks. The different parts to the rhythm are taught on West African Djembe drum and each student will learn 2-3 different parts to each rhythm.

Then they will learn to play these parts alongside dundun and solo djembe. 

In our drumming classes you will play call and response warm up exercises, breaks, and learn djembe technique.

You will learn the story around each rhythm and quite often you will see the dance that accompanies it. You do not need coordination to start drumming. We will have you grooving to the rhythm in no time! There are drumming classes in Palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast for everyone.

There are two different classes and these are called Open Drum Class for beginners and intermediate players, and Foli Kan for the Experienced Drum Class. Foli means play in the Manding languages and play is what we are all about!

Drumming Classes on the Sunshine Coast with Rhythm Culture


The open African drumming class is for beginner and intermediate drummers. There is a focus on a new rhythm every 4 weeks, fun warm ups and call and response exercises. Experience West African rhythms and drumming with others in a led class which teaches you the different ensemble parts to a rhythm and then learn how to bring it all together. Great for coordination, exercise and of course mind/body balance and joy!

This drumming class is about finding your rhythm and the three essential sounds your djembe drum can make to create rhythms. Playing drums together, we will build a vocabulary of how these sounds are arranged together to make the rhythms and songs of the djembe drum.

Terms and Conditions: All African drum classes held by Rhythm Culture are non-refundable, non-transferable, and expire after 4 weeks

Tuesdays 5.30pm
Drum & Dance Class Dates 2024
Classes start Januray 23rd!
Drumming Classes on the Sunshine Coast with Rhythm Culture


Foli means play in the Manding languages and play is what we are all about!!

Foli Kan literally means “play sound” and in this class we begin to do just that. With the sounds, rhythms and techniques in our hands we can take our instruments and music and play with them.

This class is for those that have a musical background or have had some experience with West African Drumming. The class focuses on a new rhythm every 4 weeks as well breaks, songs and solos which we play for the purpose of connecting and celebrating community.  This is a fast paced fun class and all students are encouraged to stay and drum for the dance class at 7.30pm.

Foli Kan is often joined in performance by the Muso Foli Dance Troupe who bring the joy and spirit of African dance to the performance.

Terms and Conditions: All African drum classes held by Rhythm Culture are non-refundable, non-transferable, and expire after 4 weeks.


These are the cylindrical stick drums that you see in class and that accompany the djembe rhythms we play. If you have taken a class with us before we would of introduced them to you. The middle sized drum is the Sangban and often it plays the signature rhythm to the music. The smallest drum is the Kenkenni and it is the time keeper. Last and largest is the Dundunba which is the power of the Dundun ensemble and also completes the melody. They each have two notes and are played with a metal bell which adds the light, interlocking patterns and another timbre to the ensemble. The dundun rhythms follow the rhythm of the bells.

This class is for those that love to drum with sticks! It has a very different feel to the djembe which is a hand drum. and allows the student to start understanding the dundun patterns to the rhythms and the technique involved to play them. No experience is necessary. A great class for stress relief, coordination, memory, rhythm and fun. 

Terms and Conditions: All African drum classes held by Rhythm Culture are non-refundable, non-transferable, and expire after 4 weeks.

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