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African drumming school incursions and African dance workshops are fun, engaging, fast paced, active and educational. Every student plays a real African drum. Drum and dance school workshops bring culture, rhythm and inspiration to students, unleashing creativity, confidence and courage. All drum and African dance school incursions are jam packed with rhythmic activities that will have your students sitting on the edge of their seat! Promote the benefits of participating in different cultural activities and encourage your students to get active and learn something new.

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Drum Sing Dance Program

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Free drum hire – No travel costs – Professional artists trained in Africa – Every student plays a real African drum –  Feel the high energy of traditional West African rhythms.


School Dancing Incursions

Rhythm Culture African dance school incursions are for high school students that are engaged in dance study. Primary school students can enjoy the Drum Sing Dance Program. Students will love the joy of West African dance. Fun upbeat choreography that will inspire students creativity. 

This high school workshop can be an introduction to West African dance or it can be delivered in a program with a series of sessions. Students can gain an understanding in African dance and its choreographic and performance based elements.

West African dance differs dramatically with many dance styles taught in Australia, broadening students knowledge in cultural dance styles. Students can use this knowledge in their final years of  study to create an original dance piece combined with their contemporary dance elements.

Stamina, endurance and focus are just a few of the key elements needed for West African dance.

Students will learn about dance in Africa, traditional versus modern, key elements and signature moves in select rhythms and  the cultural significance for each rhythm. 

Dance facilitators will share their dance experiences in Africa and their love of West African dance. Dance workshops can also include African drumming


“I would like to thank Nathaniel and Bec for a wonderful day of positive energy and amazing skill. They are an extraordinarily talented team and brought so much to our college in just one short day.

 The team definitely delivered!

Felicity Bezer

Differientation Support Worker, Noosa Christian College

“Thank you for taking our whole college on a stimulating and enriching adventure through the 2 day drumming workshop. It was one of those challenging and fun events that revitalized us as individuals and as a community, leaving many of us hungry for more! It was amazing to later hear students heading off to Maths and English classes singing West African songs as they went! Thank you again Nat and Bec!”

Simon Cooper

College Pastor, Good Shepherd Lutheran

School Drumming Incursions

African drumming workshops are high energy and engaging. Both primary and high school students can enjoy the benefits from African drumming within a group.

Students studying music will focus on building an ensemble, gaining solo skills and call and response exercises. These drumming activities increase confidence, strengthen rhythm foundations and encourage creativity.

Schools hosting annual events such as under 8’s and Harmony Day  can incorporate drumming  to encourage diversity within cultures, peers and friendsand to learn about West African culture and music. 

Every student will have a drum to play and all drums are real full sized West African drums. This ensures a beautiful sound and an authentic experience.

African Drumming is an effect activity to help communication and self expression. Rhythms are spoken, sung and sounded out.  Students find African Drumming accessible and they participate with ease and curiosity.

All drumming faciliators have studied in West Africa and will share their stories and experiences of the wonderful rich culture of Africa.   This is fantastic opportunity for the students to create a West African drum and dance performance piece for teachers, students and parents.



Connect  through movement & rhythm – Expand the body’s movement – Coordination & spatial awareness – Self-confidence & individual expression – Appreciation of different cultural practices – Individual expression through movement – Unity with fellow students – Physical & mental release

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