Camp Afro Foli Drum and Dance Retreat 2019


Camp Afro Foli Drum & Dance Retreat 2019 brings you world-class artists from Mali, Japan and Ghana in a 3 day retreat on the beautiful beaches of the Sunshine Coast!

There will be workshops in African dance, dundun dance, African Drumming, dundun drumming, singing and loads more.

Join Rhythm Culture for Camp Afro Foli Drum and Dance Retreat located at the Sunshine Coast Recreation Centre. The camp will run over three days, 500 metres from the beach in a brand new location where there is dormitory style accommodation, big halls and loads of fun!!

There will be lots of workshops, catered food and loads of performances on the Saturday night.

Three days of movement, fun, cultural workshops, food and performances, with international artists bringing Africa to the Sunshine Coast .

Enjoy beautiful beach surroundings, world class talent and be immersed in West African culture with workshops in djembe, dancing, dundun drumming, and dundun dancing. Loads of action to choose from and the promised gift of rhythm for your hands and feet.

Camp Afro Foli Drum & Dance Retreat begins with registration on Friday July 12th followed by drum and dance workshops.

Saturday night is party night and is open to the general public. This is a good time for retreat crew to be inviting family, friends and others that are not attending the day workshops and general retreat program to enjoy in the spectacle of West African drum and dance. Everyone coming to dinner and the show is required to pre-purchase their  ticket. There will be amazing food followed by performances with international artists and local performance group Foli Kan Drum & Dance Ensemble.

All meals are catered for and there are a range of activities, workshops and beautiful surroundings to have you rested, rejuvinated and totally pumped full of West African dance, drum and culture! Camp Afro Foli Drum and Dance Retreat activities include djembe, dundun, African dancing, dundun dancing, singing and more.

camp afro foli

Bassidi Kone

Master drummer, BASSIDI KONÉ is a well renown, versatile percussionist and balafon player of exceptional, rare talent, who gives a skilled, authentic and dynamic voice to his instruments. Bassidi started receiving recognition for his talents after entering a number of young talent competitions and quickly built his reputation as a percussionist and balafon player in Bamako, Mali.

Bassidi Koné and his group Bwazan are one of Mali’s leading percussion groups, and tour widely across West Africa, competing at international percussion events and performing at major music festivals, with regular sponsorship from Mali’s Minster of the Arts.

Read Bassidi’s Full Bio.

camp afro foli

Kwame Tosuma

Having performed throughout Ghana, Mali, Benin and South Africa and now living in Australia, Kwame is emerging as one of Australia’s most talented in the traditional and afro-contemporary dance forms. Like many of Ghana’s top dancers, Kwame began practising his art on the street. Finding a passion for dance he was picked up and rigorously trained by the renowned Joe Mensah (a well respected Ghanaian dancer trainer) and later joined the Namo Ale Cultural Troupe, where he learned the intricacies of traditional Ghanaian dance.

Read Kwame’s Full Bio.

camp afro foli

Clair Okamoto

Being raised in a musical household Clair has been surrounded by rhythm all her life, so it was natural when she discovered her love of dance at a young age that she follow the path of the artist.

In 2000 her travels took her to Guinea in Africa where she fell in love with culture, the music and the dance, recognizing in it the very essence and roots of humanness.

Since then she has returned to Guinea each year for several months to live and study. Her talents being recognized by the widely regarded Les Merveille du Guinea professional dance troupe, who she trains and performs with. She’s also appeared in a music video for a very well known Guinean artist.


  • Djembe Drumming – One of the most popular West African instruments. The djembe is a hand drum with three fundamental sounds but a million (that’s a guess) ways to play them. There will be several workshops each day for different skill levels.
  • Dundun Drumming – The dunduns are that groovy, body-melting, dance enticing instrument often played with djembe. They are cylindrical stick drums that come in three sizes Dundunba, Sangban, and Kenkenni and are commonly played with a metal bell.
  • Dundun Dance – Like to drum and dance at the same time? Then this is the class for you!  Move around your drum with funky dance moves and invigorating drum rhythms! Drums are provided and workshop will be to live drumming.
  • Beach Walks – Sunshine Coast Recreation Centre has private access and is only 500 meters from the beach where you can take self guided walks and enjoy the ocean. Morning swim anyone?

  • Guinean Dance– Learn to move your body with Clair Okamoto. These workshops will have open and experienced levels and will be to live drumming. Experience traditional West African dance and work up a sweat! You will laugh and have loads of fun with Clair’s exuberant style. 

  • Ghanaian Dance – Learn traditional Ghanaian dance with Kwame Tosuma. Fun, flowing, and groovy moves! 

  • Afrobeat Dance – Learn contemporary Afrobeat dance style with Kwame Tosuma. Shake it to modern Afro music!!

  • Dinner and Performance – Saturday night is party night with performances from our guest Artists and Rhythm Culture’s drum and dance ensemble, Foli Kan.

  • Yoga – Wake up and start your day with a refreshing, warming Yoga session. Prepare your body for movement and stay centred amidst all the camp excitement


Bassidi Kone, (Mali), Clair Okamoto (Japan), Kwame Tosuma (Ghana), Lee Hardisty (Oz), Bec Combs (Oz), Nathaniel Combs (Kiwi)


Sunshine Coast Recreation Centre

80 Currimundi Rd, Currimundi QLD 4551


Accommodation is dormitory style with 2-3 beds per room and adjoining showers and toilets. There are no camping options.

Every bed has a mattress and you will need to bring all your own bedding including sheets, pillow, doona or sleeping bag.

Linen hire is also an option, please contact us if you require linen hire.

Every effort will be made so that friends or groups will be in dormitories together.

Private rooms can be arranged at additional cost. Please contact us if you require them.



All food at the camp will be catered for.  This includes breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper. The first meal for camp will be Friday dinner and meals will be catered for right through to Sunday afternoon tea. This is a no alcohol event and no alcohol can be consumed onsite. Please do not bring alcohol onto the premise. 

All “free from” dietary requirements can be catered for. Please let us know what you require when you book in for camp. 



 Camp Afro Foli Program 2019 – July 12-14 
 Friday July 12
 Time  What’s On  What’s On
 12:00 PM Registration
 12:45 PM Dance – Open -Clair Okamoto – 1.5 hrs  Drum – Open – Bassidi Koné – 1.5 hrs
 2:45 PM Ghana on the Beach – Kwame Tosuma – 1.5hrs
 4:30 PM Dance – Open -Clair Okamoto – 1.5 hrs  Drum – Open – Bassidi Koné – 1.5 hrs
 6:30 PM Dinner – ‘Free from’ options available.
 8:00 PM Afrobeat Dance – Open – Kwame Tosuma – 1 hrs
 9:00 PM Supper – ‘Free from’ options available.
Saturday July 13
 Time  What’s On  What’s On
 7:00 AM  Yoga – Open  – Lee Hardisty – 1 hr
 8:00 AM  Breakfast – ‘Free from’ options available.
 8:00 AM  Weekend/Day Registration
 8:30 AM  Dance – Open – Kwame Tosuma– 1 hr  Drum – Beg – Nathaniel Combs – 1 hr
 9:45 AM  Drum – Open – Bassidi Koné – 1.5hr
 11:30 AM  Dance – Int/Adv – Clair Okamoto – 1.5 hrs
 1:00 PM  Lunch and Camp Photo – ‘Free from’ options available.
 2:00 PM  Drum – Int/Adv –Bassidi Koné – 1.5 hrs  Afrobeat Dance – Open – Kwame Tosuma – 1.5 hrs
 3:45 PM  Dance – Int/Adv – Clair Okamoto – 1.5 hrs
 5:30 PM  Break (Friends and Family arrive for food and show)
 6:30 PM  Dinner – ‘Free from’ options available.
 8:00 PM  Party night! Performance with Bassidi Koné, Clair Okamoto, Kwame Tosuma, Foli Kan Drum & Dance  Ensemble
 9:00 PM  Supper – ‘Free from’ options available
 Sunday July 14
 Time  What’s On  What’s On
 7:00 AM  Yoga – Open  – Lee Hardisty – 1 hr
 8:00 AM  Breakfast – ‘Free from’ options available.  
 8:00 AM  Day Registration
 8:30 AM  Dance – Open – Kwame Tosuma– 1.5 hrs  Dundun Drum – Open – Bassidi Koné – 1 hr
 10:15 AM  Dance – Int/Adv – Clair Okamoto – 1.5 hrs
 12:00 PM  Drum – Int/Adv – Bassidi Koné – 1 hr  Dundun Dance – Open – Nat & Bec – 1 hr
 1:00 PM  Lunch and Pack Up – ‘Free from’ options available.
 2:00 PM  Drum – Open – Bassidi Koné – 1 hr  Afrobeat Dance – Open – Kwame Tosuma – 1 hr
 3:15 PM Dance – Open – Clair Okamoto – 1.5 hrs
 4:45 PM Goodbyes, safe travels and see you next year!!
 NB: Program is subject to change without notice.



Camp Afro Foli Drum & Dance Retreat

(Please note Artists may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.)


Early Bird


Includes Friday, Saturday, Sunday tuition, Accommodation, Africa Night Performance,
All meals from Friday dinner – Sunday lunch

If you have any queries about the camp including accommodation, food etc please contact Rhythm Culture not the venue.


Includes Saturday Night Accommodation, Saturday and Sunday tuition,  

African Performance, All meals from Saturday lunch – Sunday lunch.


Saturday Pass

Includes tuition for Saturday, African night performance, Saturday morning tea, lunch and dinner. No accommodation.

Sunday Pass

Includes tuition, Sunday morning tea and lunch . No accommodation.

Drum Hire Weekend. Day

There will be drums for hire and sale at the camp.

Friend and Family Spectator Only

Want to come and enjoy the camp but not ready to drum or dance yet?

Includes accommodation, African Night performance , All meals from Friday dinner – Sunday lunch

Child Spectator Only

Camp Afro Foli is child and family friendly 🙂

Includes accommodation, African Night performance , All meals from Friday dinner – Sunday lunch

 Dinner and Show

For the general public and friends and family that are not attending the camp.

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