School & Kindergarten Drum & Dance Workshops, Programs, Incursions

School Workshops

focus on well-being and cultural celebration. These workshops are physical and engage students on a journey from the beginning to the completion of a single rhythm or dance. There are warm-up exercises, call and response patterns and loads of fun physical activity.

School & Kindergarten Drum & Dance Workshops, Programs, Incursions

Kindergarten Workshops

Our Drum Sing Dance workshops are for kindergartens, day cares, holiday programs, active after school care, kindergarten incursions, and vacation care centres. They are a fun and engaging way to enjoy special events or bring something fresh and exciting to your curriculum.

School and kindergartens alike will enjoy our fun, educational and interactive workshops. We provide Drum & Dance Workshops to Kindergartens, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools all over Queensland. We encourage play and physical and mental freedom. Through a musical and cultural experience and the teachings of an indigenous art, children gain insight into African culture with instruments, costume, story, song, music and dance. These active, engaging workshops are fun, loaded with activity and ensure that each student is being creative through social and cultural education.

  • Developing and strengthening communication skills
  • Enhancing self-efficacy, self-esteem and self-confidence levels
  • Motivated through sound, physical activity and community engagement
  • Engaging in group participation and physical activity

We consider these skills and practices essential to the growth and development of independent, competent, young, happy individuals.

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