It’s Groves Christian College Kindergarten time!! Another visit to this wonderful college to share Drum Sing Dance to the Kindy kids. Our kindy incursions at this centre are always treat. Educators are involved and are just as excited as the children.

The children at Groves Christian College Kindergarten are super amazing with incredible listening skills and super patient. Usually, as we discover what could be in the big yellow suitcase the kids jump up with excitement and try to peer in. This group sat with wonder and awe and waited patiently to have the musical treats handed to them. It didn’t take them much to get them dancing and singing though. They were as loud and as grooving as every child we see! Their big loud singing voices had educators in other rooms peer in with a smile! Everyone was curious and solo dances were exceptional with every child jumping into the middle for a turn to move their bodies to the live drumming from their friends. We had break dancing, twirling and stomping to name a few dance styles.

Thanks for having us Groves Christian College Kindergarten. It was a special treat to visit both of your kindy classes over the 2022 Harmony Week. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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