Hens Night Drum & Dance

Grab your brides favourite group of people, dress wild and get ready for some African Drum & Dance fun!  Your bride will be dressed up, do a solo and be the centre of attention in this fantastic celebration.

Get ready for giggles with rolling body parts, creative dance moves, real African drums and funky African dance music.  Reasons to do African Drum & Dance for your Hen’s Party!

  • It’s loads of fun!
  • It’s unique
  • It’s for all ages and fitness levels
  • It doesn’t have to involve alcohol
  • We come to you
  • It’s feminine
  • It makes you laugh
  • You can add live drumming
  • You get to dress up

Do something active and authentic. These workshops will get you all smiling and your bride will never forget this special day!

Kids Drum & Dance Parties

Our Kids Drum Party is great entertainment for children of all ages. Bring pure fun and enjoyment to your child’s party with a musical activity he or she will never forget. There will be Real African Djembe Drums, story, percussion instruments and loads of singing and dancing.

Action packed cultural fun with something for everyone!  Even the adults get to join in and help us create funky African rhythms. Drums, instruments and costume are supplied and the group will be immersed in an action packed workshop full of fun,
culture and music.

These interactive, playful and engaging workshops are full of educational stories and traditional African rhythms. With drumming, singing and dancing Rhythm Culture provides the ultimate party package for your little ones special day. Bring culture, music and outrageously fun activity to your next kids party!


We see the person not the disability. Rhythm Culture provides workshops for people of all abilities.  African drumming brings people together and does not discriminate. Every person, every drum is diverse, creative and unique. Through sound and musical play everyone is united. Warm up activities are fun, engaging and play with movement. Call and response exercise encourages active

listening, participation and collaboration.

What are some of the other benefits of African Drumming?

  • Physical exercise
  • Promotes a sense of well-being
  • Exercises coordination
  • Encourages self expression
  • Uses left and right sides of the brain
  • Each hemisphere has sensory and motor control of the opposite side of the body. Therefore moving both sides of the body at once in a rhythmical fashion will facilitate brain integration.
Effective communication is only 7% verbal and 93% non-verbal. So why do we talk so much?  In a society that is so highly reliant on verbal communication African drumming allows a different type of communication to unfold. One that has been used for centuries and is still used today. One that encourages self expression, non verbal connectedness and a sense of belonging. African drumming workshops for people with special needs can be a breath of fresh air!

Naturalness, Openness, Sociability, Freedom and Closeness

For people that struggle with everyday activities and the demands of everyday living and constant change. African drumming can be a simple fun and warming activity that brings familiarity. The beat of the drum and the repetitious rolling rhythms and sounds can bring a sense of comfort and ease.

Drumming is not just for special needs it is for the carers and teachers too African drumming brings everyone together and breaks through social pressure, status or any role playing. It activates the fundamental cores and values of being a human. The nature of West African drumming creates an environment in which individuals become connected and interact with one another in a creative and musical way.

Singing, Clapping, Drumming!

Playing African drums, percussion, clapping, singing and dancing brings a sense of joy to everyone involved. Rhythm Culture facilitates this exchange and shared experience that everyone is participating in and we have had an outstanding response from communities that engage in these programs.

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