Last week we visited the St Albans Wilston Early Childhood Centre in Wilston, North Brisbane. We shared some drumming singing and dancing with a bunch of beautiful children and provided the centre with a Multicultural Drum Sing Dance kindergarten incursion.

Their purpose for the event was multicultural understanding. We started with some singing and all of the kids had really big voices after I said “I can’t hear you!”. They were they were very excited to be asked to be louder!!

We kicked off some movement with our Rumble dance and we learnt our basic moves to our Rumble In The Jungle drum sing dance program. We jammed it out on the djembes and dunduns and then brought our singing and dancing parts back onto the drum! Call and response with the kids on the drums is the best!!!

Tips For Your Centre

All of the carers and teachers at St Albans joined in and this always makes it super fun! If you are considering running an incursion at your school or childcare centre, we highly recommend getting all of the staff on board too! Here are a few more ideas to get your kindergarten incursion a real highlight for the children.

Ensure children have had something to eat prior to starting.

Always have children drink some water, go to the toilet and wash their hands before the incursion.

Talk Multicultural: Talk about Africa prior to the day of the incursion. Some schools have even prepared their own musical instruments by making shakers or have learnt a song to celebrate African music and culture.

Ensure that whilst the incursion is running there are no other events happening at the same time. This will ensure your children are focused and that they understand that this is special group activity.

Thanks for having us St Albans Wilston Early Childcare! We look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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