We ran our ‘Groovers in Guinea’ Drum Sing Dance program this year at The Memorial Park Kindergarten, a local Sunshine Coast Kindergarten. We have visited this wonderful kindy several times before and so it was lovely to see the educators again and provide them with another kindergarten incursion. Working with local Sunshine Coast kindergartens is always a treat!

Once again, the children at this kindy were very attentive and very interested in everything we had to share. The kindergarten educators at this kindy have always had a very hands on approach and love participating in the Drum Sing Dance program. Excited educators always make for a fun and interesting program for everyone! Including us!

At this workshop the kids really enjoyed the counting part and learning how to count in Susu, one of the Guinean language. So we incorporated this into other aspects of the workshop that we don’t usually include it in. Creating new things for our Drum Sing Dance programs always happens within a workshop and is inspired by the children’s creativity! The best material comes from these moments!!

The children loved the big jump part of the workshop, where we all jump as high as we can. We had to spend a little bit of extra time explaining that we are trying to jump up and touch the sky not jumping out and falling to the ground! Best to avoid injuries!!

One thing that we really love about this Sunshine Coast kindergarten, is all of the great quotes that they have on the walls. We took a few photos of them, check them out! We look forward to seeing you all again next year Memorial Park Kindergarten!

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