Last week we provided Mary Mackillop College year 12 students with a drum and dance session which a focus on self expression. This year 12 Mary Mackillop College Retreat is held every year at the Alexandra Park Conference Centre on the Sunshine Coast. This was our second visit with the girls.

Retreat Focus

The focus for the retreat takes the girls on a journey to discover ‘Who Am I?”. The college creates activities that provide opportunities for self expression, exploring fears and self authenticity.

Self Expression through Drum & Dance

The drumming and dancing part of their retreat is to highlight self expression. The students always are so focused on the fast paced, high energy rhythms,that they forget to worry about what other people are thinking! The music and the rhythms encourage the students to feel comfortable in their own skins and express themselves freely. The dancing always encourages students to let go and just have fun with their moving bodies.

We particularly enjoy these creative drum and dance school workshop sessions because teaching young people these vital lessons in life is what brings us so much joy.

The year 12 college girls especially enjoyed the warm up and they each took a turn in providing the group with a rhythm that everyone could then follow. This is always a wonderful moment seeing the super shy students, get brave and share a little part of their selves.

The Finale

For the dancing part of the workshop, we grooved all the way outside out into an open space, where we danced under the sky. We danced some fast pace Macru, a rhythm from West Africa. We laughed at ‘how low can you go!’ Even the teachers were joining in!. Everyone thought this was hilarious, as the drums wouldn’t begin until the dancers were low and ready for action. All of the teacher’s commented that they would sleep well that night.

Thanks for having us again Mary Mackillop! We had a blast!

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