Day 1 of our Toowoomba Regional Drum Sing Dance Tour began at Millmerran. The library had a great space set up for us and we had about 20 younger children. The youngest being 18 months.

We had a great session and the highlight was definitely the shake your body part! The kids really got into that, especially two older boys. They had the shake your body part down!

As well as the drumming we also got the children singing some rhythms. This is always lots of fun. Children love to use their voices to create rhythm. They find it much easier than adults!

Next, we were on our way to Cecil Plains. This is a tiny little town with a mill and there is a nice little park displaying some augmented reality,which was really interesting to see.

For this workshop we had the librarian, Linda join us from The Toowoomba Regional Council which was super awesome. We also had some of the parents join in which is always fun! We managed to get three rhythms happening in this group.

After Cecil Plains we headed to our accommodation for the night at the Jondaryan Woolshed. This spot is right next to Oakey Creek. The bird life was definitely a highlight with sulphur crested cockatoo nesting in a huge hollow, fantails and lots of tiny little birds. Water dragons and frogs were also amongst all of this action. It’s always such a treat to spend time in these small towns and see the wildlife.

The next day we set off to our next bunch of workshops for Toowoomba!

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