Regional Drum Sing Dance Tour for Toowoomba Regional Libraries

Quinalow was a super cute little town with a huge flock of sulphur crested white cockatoos. These magnificent birds were flying around right where we were running the workshops.

For our second day of workshops for our regional drum sing dance tour, the library was only small. So we decided to do the workshop outside underneath the trees. It was the perfect spot. Nice and shady on a warm day.

We had quite a mix of ages for the session and there were a couple of older boys around 14 who really got into it. They especially enjoyed the percussive instrument, the Aslatua.


One boy in particular, was determined to play this interesting shaped instrument. At the end of the workshop, we gave this boy a gift of Aslatua, to inspire him to keep playing percussion.

There is always a group of kids visiting their grandparents for the school holidays in Toowoomba. This time these children were not only enjoying the country and some quality time with their grandparents. They were also drumming, singing and dancing for their school holidays!


After Quinalow, we drove straight to Crows Nest, which is one of the bigger towns in the Toowoomba region. Again, we had a huge age range for this workshop. From mums and dads to babies!

It’s always a little more challenging when you’ve got such a big age age gap to keep everyone engaged but the session went really well and everyone had lots and lots of fun.

There was one younger boy at Crows Nest who was really into drumming. You could tell from the onset that he just loves rhythm. In every part of the workshop he was so engaged, giving it everything he had. It’s always a joy to see this in children.

We had such a great time and fantastic response from the Drum Sing Dance Program. Everyone that came along had a really great time. The librarians at each library did a really good job encouraging families to book in for the upcoming holiday workshops.

Thanks for having us Toowoomba Regional Libraries for the Toowoomba Regional Drum Sing Dance Tour!!

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