At the beginning of this year we started our class passes. Now at the end of the year,  we have decided to do things a little differently again for 2018. Starting fresh for the New Year, all drum and dance classes will now be the same price. One easy payment system that allows you to buy passes and use them in any classes you like. We have so many students doing both drum and dance… it’s time to make it easier for everyone!

You can pay online via the classes link or by cash or card at class on the day!

New Prices and Passes for 2018

Check out the new pricing for classes below or click here to go to our website.

Intro – $10 Special – Never done a class before? (must be paid for online)
Casual – $25 – Great if you can’t commit on a regular basis?
4 Class $80 – Join us and get a real feel for drum and/or dance.
8 Class Pass $120 – Can’t get enough of it?
12 Class Pass $160 – Totally addicted and want more of everything!

All class passes expires after 4 weeks.

Never Done a Class Before?

Grab your $10 Intro Class (New Students only)

>> COUPON CODE: IntroClass  <<

Please cut and paste this coupon in any class you wish to book!




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