Kwame Tosuma Teaches and Performs at Camp Afro Foli 2019!


Having performed throughout Ghana, Mali, Benin and South Africa and now living in Australia, Kwame is emerging as one of Australia’s most talented in the traditional and afro-contemporary dance forms. Like many of Ghana’s top dancers, Kwame began practising his art on the street. Finding a passion for dance he was picked up and rigorously trained by the renowned Joe Mensah (a well respected Ghanaian dancer trainer) and later joined the Namo Ale Cultural Troupe, where he learned the intricacies of traditional Ghanaian dance. Read Kwame’s Full Bio.

​Kwame went on to study and perform with the Timafric Contemporary Dance Cultural Troupe, where he first began to explore afro-contemporary dance. Inspired by the new movement possibilities, Kwame continued exploring this technique and is now developing, choreographing, teaching presenting new works in this form as a solo artist in Australia.

Kwame loves to share his knowledge of drum and dance with people of all ages in Australia, for one simple reason: it makes him happy to make people happy.

Kwame Tosuma will be performing and teaching at camp Afro Foli Drum & Dance Retreat 2019.


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