Rhythm Culture visit John Paul College, south of Brisbane for their end of term wrap up celebration. It was a night of drumming activities under the light of the full moon.

It was conveniently a full moon that coincided with the John Paul College term 3 wrap up party. The drumming workshop was to be held at the boarding village with 50 students that boarded on site.

We started the session with some dancing. All of the activity was held under the moon in the grounds of the boarding village and the dance was held on the basketball courts which worked perfectly. The teachers joined in with the students and the students were filming eachother and having a wonderful time showing their friends their best moves. The group had such a fabulous vibe and were obviously enjoying this special occasion.

The drumming was held in a circle close by and again all of the teachers joined in. the students were super enthusiastic and getting involved in all of the activities that inspired creativity, leadership and role play.

The highlight of this session was the encouragement that the students showed for one another and the confidence they had in leading the group in some of the drumming activities for their peers.

At the end of the session the students all came over of their own accord and said thank you and how much they appreciated the session.

Thanks so much for having us John Paul College. We look forward to seeing you next year!

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