Experienced drummers Are YOu Ready?

Experienced drummers are you ready to become a drumming ensemble?! Over the next few weeks we will be choosing a name, putting together a list of our favourite rhythms and creating a show which will include drumming with the Muso Foli Dance Troupe.  Some of the names we are throwing around at the moment are Wassoulou, (an area bordering Mali and Guinea) Wontanara, (community, lit: we are nothing without each other,) Foli Kan (play sound), Djamako (work together) The experienced drummers class will be our playground for creating all this and we will be putting on a community event every ten weeks to showcase how amazing you are. So experienced drummers welcome to the new drumming ensemble!

The experienced drummers have been traveling to events around the Sunshine Coast supporting us and the community events that we take part in and it is because of this and their determination to attend classes rain, hail or shine that we have been able to build such a strong drumming community. Thank you to all those involved and we look forward to drumming on Tuesday nights!

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