Drum Sing Dance With Beerwah Kindy – We visit lots of kindergartens and all of them have a special story.This visit had us very surprised and we had the most fun drumming with Beerwah Kindy. Children are always full of stories and surprises!

Beerwah Kindy is a, lovely community kindergarten in Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast. Although we have visited the group before this year we received a bit of a surprise! The children had pre-made their shakers especially for our visit! Such a special group of kids that we always get excited about visiting!

They took some lovely photos of one our days.

On the first day drumming with beerwah kindy, the first group was learning about healthy food and sometimes food. They were having to choose which food went into which circle. I told them how I was just started eating lots of carrots and how yummy and tasty carrots are. They told me that carrots are a healthy food.

On this first day, there was one boy whose dad I bought them all the way from Brisbane so that he could come and be a part of the drum sing dance program. What a gift, hearing this news was!

Beerwah Kindy is such a fun kindy and the best thing is that it has a low ceiling and so when we do the big jump we can touch the roof! The kids get so excited that they all start saying “you touch the roof you touch the roof you touch the roof!”

We don’t only drum in our kindergarten programs! We drum sing dance too! In the second group we spent some time clapping along with the different rhythms, they were so ready to get moving we did lots of jumping and dancing around, especially when we were playing the percussion!

So many highlights with this wonderful group. Our kindergarten programs always bring us so much joy. The excitement from our Kindy kids is always gets us jumping up and down the most!!

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