Rhythm Culture visit Stuartholme School at the QCCC in Mapleton on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland for their annual Year 12 Retreat. The students had another year of high energy drum and dance school incursion as one of their retreat activities. They got involved for leadership and confidence building activities through both drum and dance.

For the third year in a row, we visited this wonderful school in Mapleton for their Year 12 retreat. The school is based in Toowong, Qld and every year they bring their wonderful students for a three day retreat in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

The Retreat

The purpose of this retreat is to give the students an understanding of activities they could do to support their wellbeing when they are out of school and of course to also have a bit of fun!!

Staff Involvement Is So Important

We have no doubt that the teachers enjoy the drumming and dancing just as much if not more than the students!! After three years we have become familiar with the coordinating teachers of Stuartholme School for their year 12 retreat and this year they all ensured that they were available to do the drumming and dancing session. The students love watching their teachers get into it!

Again, we cant emphasise the importance of teachers getting involved with the workshops and incursions. This always creates a really fun high energy session and encourages the students to give it a go as well!

Leadership And Team Building

We always treat this workshop as a blast of drum and dance for the students. Its always super high energy with some fun leadership team and confidence building activities to encourage the students to step out of their comfort zone and try something new and exciting.

The Facilitators

We always have three artists for our sessions with Stuartholme which really allows for the full impact of drum and dance. Three artists include a djembe workshop facilitator, a dundun player and a dance teacher. This is the ideal way to run a workshop so that the drumming and dancing is always full power with a strong dundun player for both aspects of the workshop.

Thanks for having us Stuartholme! It was an absolute pleasure to share drum and dance with you all again.

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