On Sunday we were visiting the Community Place in Stafford, Brisbane. We were providing The Little Star Kids with a drum and dance workshop program. The Little Star Kids are running programs in Queensland for children living in foster care and the event on the day was part of their  camp for children that are living in foster care. The children ranged from 3 to 10 years old.

As soon as we arrived we set up our circle under some big trees and placed 50 drums into the centre. Some of the kids recognised us from last year and as soon as they saw the drums they got excited and came running over immediately to begin tapping away. One little boy greeted us with a packet of Smarties.

We knew we couldn’t keep these children from the drums for too long, so we kicked off the workshop with some singing and clapping and got onto passing the drums out to children and their carers straight away!

After the drumming part of the workshop we got up and we did some groovy dance moves to the rhythm Macru. Some of the kids want to play the dunduns so they each had a turn on the three big drums with sticks. A handful got to jump on the solo djembe and show everyone their soloing skills!

Just as we were finishing the rain started to come down and everybody help those load the drums into the car I think we packed up 50 drums in 5 minutes thanks to all the little and big helpers!

We look forward to seeing you all next year in Stafford for more drum and dance Little Star Kids!

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