African drumming for beginners and experienced – A series of Online instructional videos for beginner and experienced djembe drummers.

Here we go drummers… this is African drumming for beginners and experienced which is a series of online videos that we will be releasing over the December/January break for our students and any other online viewers. These lessons have all been taught in our weekly African drumming classes on the Sunshine Coast. The intention for these videos is to focus on the main parts of a traditional West African rhythm so that drummers are playing the parts correctly and can expand their practice through either other classes or online videos. This is a short highlight video to highlight ensemble parts for the specified rhythm. As a result the video is not long enough to play along to.

This will be our second lesson in African drumming lessons for beginners online. You will be looking at the rhythm Kassa. These rhythms are study in-depth in our weekly classes with both our experienced and beginners classes. We also learn the same dance to the weekly class rhythms so that drummers can stay and drum for the dancers. I will also try and link some of the dance videos with these weekly/daily lessons.

LESSON 2: Here is the first traditional part for Kassa. the melody is S S T T S S with a bass after the second repetition.

If you missed lesson 1 see here . Check out what we get up to in our weekly classes.

Enjoy!! Stay tuned for lesson 3  in Kassa next week. Don’t forget to LIKE US on Facebook or subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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