Every drum is unique and comes with a story

Every drum is unique and comes with a story. All of the beautiful djembes we sell are handmade by Nathaniel. These are quality instruments made with African shells. We use local hide that we source from a home butcher right here on the Sunshine Coast. Nathaniel picks up these skins before they are buried into the ground and brings them back to the paddock and drys them himself on up-cycled trampoline frames out in the sun. These skins are tended to daily. No machines, all cleaned and maintained by hand, and dried with sunshine.

It’s a big job and lots of love goes into preparing these instruments. They need oiling so we use a food grade, all natural tung oil. The rings often need resizing so we cut and weld them using solar power. That’s right our workshop is off-grid and runs 100% on solar power (including the stereo). The rings need fabric so we make them beautiful with real African wax print fabrics. The rope needs to be strong and compliment the fabric and shell, so we handpick marine grade ropes made in Australia. Our passion is to make quality instruments with as much local materials as possible in the most sustainable way we can.

We love making and playing drums and know what a great sounding djembe sounds like. At Rhythm Culture we offer these drums to the public and our students and in Week 4 when you buy a drum and you will receive the next 4 week course FREE. If your have been thinking “Hmmm, I’d like one of those awesome sounding djembes”….. then gives us a call or come and chat in class. Now is the good time and drummers love good timing 🙂


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