Would you like your kids to drum sing & dance these school holidays?

It’s happening folks! After many requests from parents we are running  a workshop these school holidays for your children to join us out of school! Yay!! The workshop will be held at the Palmwoods Memorial Hall on January 8th and will start at 9.15am. Please arrive at 9am for registration.  Bookings are essential for the workshop.

See DRUM SING DANCE in action here

Join Rhythm Culture these school holidays with loads of drumming, singing and dancing! Children aged from 2-8 years old. $10
Drum Sing Dance Holiday Workshop 2017
What happens?
Every child will play an African djembe (drum) and unique African percussion.
1 hour workshop
There will be body percussion
Lots of singing, dancing and laughing
African dance moves
Call and response music patterns
We ask lots of questions
The children will go on an African journey through story, song and movement
Learn about how and what the African instruments are made of
The Benefits:
These benefits are all apart of the workshop and experienced in a fun, playful and engaging way.
Musical – drumming, singing, and lots of instruments
Physical – dancing, coordination, spacial awareness
Interactive – every child has an instrument to play
Educational – counting, language, listening, directions
Social – teamwork, communication, connection, community
Cultural – learn about African culture through stories and play.
Creative – thinking, playing and movement
Loads of fun and enjoyment!

Bookings Essential. Phone bec 0434585992 or email: info@rhythmculture.com.au



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