Dunduns – 3 Piece Set

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Dunduns – 3 Piece Set

The dunduns are the big, melodic bass drums of the West African drum ensemble, along with the djembe and other percussion instruments. They are cylindrical drums played with sticks and made with wood and cow skin. These drums can be either a soft or hard wood depending on the tone and projection required. These drums are fitted with Australian cow hide on both sides using top quality marine rope. The dundunba, sangban and kenkenni are made to order and you have the option to choose your own rope and fabric colours to complete your individual design.


The Dundunba is the largest size drum of the dundun set and often plays the groove and adds power to a rhythm with its big bass notes.


The Sangban is the middle size drum of the dundun set and often plays the defining phase of a rhythm.

Kenkenni (Konkonni)

The Kenkenni is the smallest size drum of the dundun set, is the timekeeper and completes the melody of the rhythm.


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