We asked Sarah from Homegrown to give us a taste of the African street food she has planned for the Afro Foli Festival. african street food by homegrown

She said “I have been busy meeting with some of the African community here on the Sunshine Coast and am looking forward to sharing some traditional African food with everyone at the Afro Foli Festival.

On the evening we will have a variety of dishes from different regions of the continent . As I was born and lived for most of my life in Zimbabwe we will have Sadza, a maize meal staple that is common all over central Africa that is usually served with a variety of side dishes including traditional beef, muriwo (green vegetables), muboora (pumpkin leaves with peanut butter ) and beans. Many of these dishes are similar to some of the sides served in countries to the North like Eritrea, Ethiopia and the Sudan with Ingera a fermented savoury pancake. We will have these for everyone to try with some Chicken Zigni (curry) and lentils both cooked with a mixture of berebere spices. Other vegetarian dishes will include Nhopi (butternut), okra, baked sweet potatoes and a pumpkin and coconut curry.  Any African street food gathering wouldn’t be complete without chibage (corn) roasted on an open fire and groundnuts cooked in their shells.

Our mouths are watering!

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