Camp Afro Foli Drum and Dance Retreat 2017

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Camp Afro Foli Drum and Dance Retreat brings you world-class artists from Africa and Australia in a 3 day retreat in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Held from July 14-16th 2017.

Three days of movement, fun, cultural workshops, African food and performances, with international artist Bassidi Koné (Mali), interstate artist Mohamed Bangoura (Guinea), Brisbane artists Yenenesh Nigusse (Ethiopia) and Adama Doumbouya (Ivory Coast) bringing Africa to the Sunshine Coast. Local artists will also include Dani Jones from New World Rhythm running singing workshops and Melina Alarcon teaching Yoga. Enjoy beautiful bush surroundings, world class talent and be immersed in West African culture with workshops in djembe, dancing, dundun drumming and dundun dancing. Loads of action to choose from and the promised gift of rhythm for your hands and your feet.

The camp will be held in the beautiful natural grounds of Camp Maranatha where there is dormitory style accommodation, facilities, communal kitchen, basketball courts, a pool and bush walking paths to the falls.

The camp begins with registration at 2pm on Friday 14th July followed by drum and dance workshops. Friday night is bonfire and drum circle night, so bring instruments to jam with.  Guests are asked to bring wholesome food to prepare for themselves for all breakfasts and the Friday night dinner. Saturday night is party night and is open to the public. This is a good time for retreat crew by inviting family, friends and others that are not attending the day workshops and general retreat program. Everyone coming to the show and feast is required to pre-purchase their $35 ticket. The will be an amazing African feast prepared by Homegrown Café followed by performances by Bassidi Koné, Mohamed Bangoura, Adama Doumbouya, Yenenesh Nigusse, Foli Kan and Muso Foli.  Saturday and Sunday lunches are delicious gourmet sandwiches and salads prepared by Renae’s Pantry. Camp will finish up at 5pm on Sunday. Camp Afro Foli Drum and Dance Retreat activities include djembe, dundun, African dancing, dundun dancing, singing, yoga and more.

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Camp Afro Foli Drum and Dance Retreat

Bassidi Kone

Bassidi Koné is of Bwa ethnicity from the Segou region in Mali. Born into a Griot family, Bassidi grew up beside his father’s instrument, the balafon (a traditional, wooden xylophone), instilling in him his forefather’s traditional village songs and rhythms. Bassidi carried on his family’s musical heritage, showing promising skill in both the balafon and the djembe.

After moving to Bamako at thirteen, Bassidi met Koninba Bagayogo, a meeting that profoundly influenced his musical career as a percussionist. Playing alongside this master djembe player, the young Bassidi extended his knowledge and skill, distinguishing himself through his innovative solo lead playing and technical virtuosity.

Driven to defend his rich Bwa heritage, Bassidi formed and now leads his multi-instrumental percussion and dance troupe, Bwazan (Bobo children), a family group from the same line of Griots. Bwazan are ambassadors of their musical heritage, promoting a message of peace, freedom, humility, and solidarity.

Mohamed Bangoura

Mohamed Bangoura “Bangouraké” – Master Drummer and Teacher in traditional Guinean Music and Dance

He is described in Guinea as the man with “Hands of Fire”, “the Lion of Matam”, already regarded by many connoisseurs as one of the best amongst the Master Drummers of this world. His life totally dedicated to the music and his traditions, mesmerizing audiences with his out of this world skills, talent, power and virtuosity. Bangouraké is a true master through initiation and ability.

Mohamed was born in Guinea, West Africa in a village called Bourramya-Koubya. This village is a few hours north of the capital, Conakry. Mohamed started to play at the age of 5 years old and has always been surrounded by music throughout his life. Mohamed was a member of the international acclaimed “Percussion de Guineé” and other National Ballet Ensembles based in Conakry.


  • Djembe Workshops – One of the most popular West African instruments. The djembe is a hand drum with three fundamental sounds but a million( that’s a guess) ways to play them. There will be several workshops each day for different skill levels. Classes will taught by Bassidi Koné and Nathaniel Combs.
  • Dundun Workshops – The dunduns are that groovy, body-melting, dance enticing instrument often played with djembes. They are cylindrical stick drums that come in three sizes commonly played with a metal bell.
  • African Dance Workshops – Learn to move your body with Mohamed Bangoura. These workshops will be for all levels and will be to live drumming. Experience traditional West African dance and work up a sweat! You will laugh and have loads of fun with Mohamed’s contagious smile and teaching style.
  • Dundun Dance Workshops – Like to drum and dance at the same time? Then this is the class for you! Mohamed will be teaching you to move around your drum with funky dance moves and invigorating drum rhythms! Drums are provided and workshop will be to live drumming.
  • Yoga Workshops – Wake up and start your day with a refreshing, warming Yoga session. Prepare your body for movement and stay centered amidst all the camp excitement.
  • Singing Workshops – We all have vocal cords and most of us enjoy talking, we do it everyday. This brings to mind an old African proverb that says “if you can talk you can sing.” Dani Jones director of New World Rhythm will be presenting an energetic and fun workshop of African song from many different regions which will leave you feeling transformed.
  • Balafon Workshop – Often compared to a marimba and xylophone, the balafon is an tuned percussion instrument played with mallets. Its complex and mesmerising patterns form part of the West African orchestra. With a family lineage of balafon players, Bassidi will be offering a one off group lesson on Friday. This will need to be booked in advance and paid for separate to the camp.
  • Bush Walking – Maranatha Camp is nestled in the Mapleton conservation park and runs along a beautiful stretch of the South Maroochy River. There are self guided bush walks from the camp up to Wappa Falls and surrounds.
  • Bon Fire and Drum Circle – On Friday night we will kick the camp off with a drum circle around the bonfire to celebrate, meet the teachers and generally warm up in all meanings of the word!
  • African Feast and Performance – Saturday night is feast and party night with a delicious African feast prepared by Homegrown cafe and performances from Bassidi Koné, Mohamed Bangoura, Adama Doumbouya, Yenenesh Nigusse and Foli Kan & Muso Foli!
  • Camp Afro Foli Drum and Dance Retreat
  • Camp Afro Foli Drum and Dance Retreat
  • Camp Afro Foli Drum and Dance Retreat

Guest Artists

  • Bassidi Koné – Mohamed Bangoura – Adama Doumbouya – Yenenesh Nigusse – Dani Jones – Bec Combs – Nathaniel Combs


Maranatha Camp Yandina

275 Wappa Falls Road
Yandina 4561 QLD


Accommodation is dormitory style with 4 to 8 beds per room and adjoining showers and toilets.

Every bed has a mattress and you will need to bring all your own bedding including sheets, pillow, doona or sleeping bag.


Food at the camp will be catered for on the Saturday and Sunday with a African feast on Saturday night prepared by Homegrown cafe.
Saturday and Sunday lunch will be a gourmet style sandwiches and salads prepared by Renae’s Pantry. Gluten Free and vegetarian options will be available.
Friday and all breakfasts are NOT catered for and you will need to BYO Friday night dinner and breakfasts.


Earlybird Round 1 $280.00 (offer ends June 1st)
Earlybird Round 2 $300.00 (offer ends June 15th)
Full $330.00 (bookings from June 15th)
– Includes all tuition, accommodation, performances, African feast on Saturday night, lunch on Saturday and Sunday.
– BYO Breakfast

Saturday & Sunday $250
– Includes Saturday night accommodation, tuition, performances, African feast on Saturday night, lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday Pass $150
– Includes tuition for Saturday, Performances and African Feast. No accommodation.

Sunday Pass $120
– Includes tuition and lunch for Sunday. No accommodation.


Workshop $30
– For those only wanting to attend one workshop

Djembe Hire:
– $20 for the weekend
– $10 per day
– There will be drums for hire and sale at the camp.

Saturday Night Performance and African Feast $35 per person
– For the general public and friends and family that are attending the camp.

Friend and Family Spectator Only $155
– Want to come and enjoy the camp but not ready to drum or dance yet?
– Includes accommodation, performances, African feast on Saturday night, lunch on Saturday and Sunday. BYO breakfast.

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