Last Friday we met with the Logan City Council to run a drum and dance workshop for the Leaders Of Logan program. The program is for high school students across the city of Logan. It is a High School leadership day. The workshop was to be held at the Community Centre in Chambers Flat.

We had 150 students coming to be a part of the program and the students were made up of a selection of different high schools. Our aim for the day was to mix up the students across the schools and give them a really fun and engaging experience focusing on leadership, confidence and character building.

We arrived quite early because we were setting up for so many students. We placed the chairs not in a circle, but more in quarter stations. Where drums and percussion occupied each station. Our plan was to rotate the groups but unfortunately once all of the students arrived, we were informed there was a few students away due to illness, so we had to change the workshop plan in an instant!

The students were an awesome bunch of people from the get-go. When they came in they were so welcoming to each other and encouraged each other to join the circle so they could all sit together. We knew from this moment that it was going to be an awesome schools workshop and everyone was going to be really proactive and engaged.

We incorporated drumming, singing and dancing but this time it was delivered with a leadership intent. One of the wonderful moments was when the group leader was to try and get their group to sing louder without actually using their voices. We talked about body language and about how the leader doesn’t necessarily need to be sitting up the front. We had lots of laughs and there were looks of surprises when we told them it was time to get up and do some dancing. The older boys always seem the most shocked but once again it was the older boys that we think loved the dancing the most!

The teachers were watching and laughing. You could tell by the looks on their faces that they are enjoying watching their students being put to the drum and dance test. They were definitely enjoying the show.

At the end of the workshop we had lots of puffing and you could tell that everybody was ready for a break. As we were packing up the drums all of them asked if they could help. Always a sign of a good school workshop! We got a bit of a drum train happening to load the drums back into the van. Whilst we were packing up we could hear the other students in the background singing the song that we had taught in the workshop. It’s always nice driving away to the sweet sounds of the African song.

Thanks for having us schools of Logan and The Logan City Council!

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