Sunny Coast kids Drum Sing Dance with Rhythm Culture

Children share songs, instruments and beat their djembe drums in a relaxed and fun atmosphere…

In the African culture, dancing and singing is part and parcel of a child’s life from the moment they are born. We also know that a relaxed atmosphere supports learning and personal expression and it’s with those things in mind that we created the Drum Sing Dance workshops for kids. Click on the photos above to see what we mean!

Kids love music and they love instruments and when combined in a space where imagination has no bounds, they get involved straight away. Even the ones who are a bit shy at the start soon dance and sing when we tell them stories of great adventures to Africa.

Music and movement can have great benefits in children’s lives. In a group setting, sharing songs and instruments not only helps to build confidence but it allows them to co-operate and negotiate. There is no judgment as we allow for free expression – kids are encouraged to follow their body wisdom and intuition to find their own beat and rhythm. Often the shy ones come out of their shells toward the middle of the workshop and then want to stay longer!

During the workshop, we tell stories, share instruments, dance, jump, move, shake, learn to sing easy songs. The djembe drums are what everyone comes for and when they get the chance to choose their drum, their faces lit up! We think every household should have a drum for children to play not only when they are happy but also when they need to get rid of some frustration.

The benefits of percussion are limitless. It demands so many parts of the brain to work at once! When we drum, we are working out frequencies, intensities, volume changes and melody and harmony all at once. It stimulates both the left and right hemisphere of the brain through counting and co-ordination and by putting words to the song, often in a different language! Beating that djembe drum is a physical and mental work-out!

What’s more, it allows children to express themselves by using an ancient technique of communication. We are often surprised and delighted at the various responses from children. Some shriek with excitement, others become quite emotional when the instruments are packed away. The opportunity to express themselves really is the way to a child’s heart and we value and encourage that at every workshop.

During school holidays, Drum Sing Dance classes take place at the Girl Guides Hut at Palmwoods, cnr Palmwoods-Montville Rd and Lingara Ave. Nathaniel also does Drum Sing Dance workshops at schools and kindergartens. Bookings are essential so click here to book online!


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