Seal of Approval – Tesla Cars

A few weekends ago we headed to the World Environment Day at SCU and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw THE car. I have never been a car person even with an older brother that was a fanatic who I spent hours with while he fixed them, they never grabbed me. Until now that is! Last year I discovered the Tesla Model S. Bec’s car had blow the head gasket and I thought lets pull it apart and do an electric vehicle conversion. It didn’t seem to hard from the youtube videos but I did have a hard time convincing Bec that she wouldn’t have a car for a little while.  How long? Hmmm…. Alas it didn’t happen (this time) and we bought another internal combustion engine 🙁 But it did put me onto something new and incredible: new in the sense that it was an actual car company that only makes EV’s (now with the Model X, and a economy model planned for release in 2017), and incredible in the sense that if you got it set up you could run your car on sunlight. Quite the transport revolution really!

Seal of Approval

Ha, see No Engine Dad!! Emiel and I are pretty happy with this find!

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