This year we have been visiting St Teresa’s Catholic College in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast for a number of sessions throughout the year. The sessions were part of their School ACCESS program which focuses on students well-being and positive education.

We provided our drum and dance program over 4 days. Each day we had two hours where drum and dance would run simultaneously and then the groups would swap over. Each group had appx 75 students. The first two days were year 7 and then the last two days were with year 9.

In the drumming sessions we were working on a rhythm with breaks and different drumming ensemble parts. The students did a warm up with call and response and learnt two main parts and played the rhythms together. In a different room the dancing group learnt the corresponding dance to that same rhythm. As the groups switched over, the students would already be familiar with either the drumming or the dancing side of the rhythm.

There were a few weeks break in between the first 2 days for the year 7 group but the students still managed to remember pretty much all of the dance and definitely all of the brakes. We built on what we already knew by adding another break to the rhythm, some final moves and the finale pose. The year 7 were a very loud and enthusiastic group. We think they especially enjoyed performing for one another in the dance sessions.

For the final 2 days for the year the session was a little bit more challenging because we were in a different smaller space. The groups were less,so it ended up working out fine and of course it was already steaming hot and the air con for the dancers and the dance floors with large mirrors was an absolute treat.

For the finale, we had the year 9 group all come out and both groups were joined together. They took turns drumming and dancing together simultaneously and then swapping over. The teachers enjoyed the final show!

Thanks for having us St Teresas Catholic College for your School Access Program on the Sunshine Coast in Noosa!

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