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All of our drum and dance classes are about having fun, finding your rhythm, and connecting with your fellow drummers and dancers. We weave this into a class full of warm ups, rhythms, technique, sounds, stretching and much more. The classes are great for stress relief, getting back into your body, learning something new, and having fun. There are loads of reasons why people came to our classes in 2016 and you can check out their testimonials at the bottom of this article to help you get a feel for what we are all about!

“The sexy instructors” …….was one of the reasons according to our Rhythm Culture 2016 survey results. This definitely got us giggling!  All in all though the survey has been extremely helpful in fine tuning our plans for 2017. Some of you may have heard rumours and yes they are true! Next year there will be two nights of drum and dance with new classes like dundun dance and dundun drumming. We hope you come and enjoy whats on offer as well as take advantage of the new passes system to make the classes more accessible and affordable. We are launching all these classes on January 8th 2017 in one massive day of drum and dance so be sure to come and play and celebrate the New Year with some drumming and dancing!






Badenya Foli  – Intermediate Drum Class

Kalankora Foli – Beginners Drum Class


Dance Class –  To live drumming!

Dundun Dance Class – Dance with stick drums


Foli Kan – Experienced Drum Class

Dundun Drum Class – With stick drums


From February 7th our African Drum classes will now have three groups. These are called Foli for the beginners drum class, Badenya Foli for the intermediate drum class and Foli Kan for the experienced drum class. Foli means play in the Manding languages and play is what we are all about!!


The beginners class is for people with little or no experience playing djembe (West African drum). It is a class that is about finding your rhythm and the three essential sounds your djembe can make to create rhythms. Playing rhythms together, we will build a vocabulary of how these sounds are arranged together to make the rhythms and songs of the djembe. After 3 or 4 months you will be ready to move on into Badenya Foli.


Badenya means community in the Manding languages and this class is where we begin to explore the relationships between the instruments and the rhythms they play. Just as a community is created through the relationships of its people. Rhythms are created through the relationship of the instruments, the rhythms they play individually and together, and the roles they fulfill in the music.


Foli Kan means literally “play sound” and in this class we begin to do just that. With the sounds, rhythms and techniques in our hands we can take our instruments and music and play with them. The rhythms and their melodies play harmoniously together creating music that we perform to the community. With breaks, songs and solos we play music that connects and celebrates people and community. Foli Kan is often joined by the Muso Foli Dance Troupe who bring the joy and spirit of African dance to the performance.



In 2017 we will start our very first Dundun drum class. These are the cylindrical stick drums that you see in class and that accompany the djembe rhythms we play. If you have taken a class with us before we would of introduced them to you. The middle sized drum is the Sangban and often it plays the signature rhythm to the music. The smallest drum is the Kenkenni and it is the time keeper. Last and largest is the Dundunba which is the power of the Dundun ensemble and also completes the melody. They each have two notes and are played with a metal bell which adds the light, interlocking patterns and another timbre to the ensemble. The dundun rhythms follow the rhythm of the bells.

This class is for those that love to drum with sticks! It has a very different feel to the djembe which is a hand drum. and allows the student to start understanding the dundun patterns to the rhythms and the technique involved to play them. No experience is necessary. A great class for stress relief, coordination, memory, rhythm and fun.


This class is an active dance class which involves drumming with sticks on dunduns whilst dancing around the drum. It is incredibly fun and you needn’t be a dancer or a drummer to do this class. It is a fantastic class for stress relief, fitness and coordination. For those of you that have found the African dance class a little to physically challenging, this is the perfect way to indulge your love of African drumming with dance. We recommend this class to all of our drumming students. Developing an understanding of the dance to a rhythm is essential to African culture and music.


Our classes are not  about how good of a drummer or dancer you are, or how fit or coordinated you are. If you are striving to take your playing, with dance or drums, to the next level we would love to be apart of that journey and help where we can, however we also want to emphasise the community and social side of African music , rhythm and culture  is about participating, having fun and enjoying yourself. Treat yourself throughout the week to just doing something because you love it! It’s all about being in the moment!

These African dance classes are for all ages, levels of fitness and focus on learning a new dance every 4 weeks. There is lots of movement, stretching, laughing and also a structured routine taught. These classes are West African dance style and are all about moving your body and having fun. Every person is encouraged to dance at their own pace. This class is taught to LIVE DRUMMING!


The other big news is that along with the increase in classes we have done a major overhaul to our pricing system. With three classes per night over Tuesday and Thursday nights in 2017 we can now open up how and when everyone plays and pays for classes.

There is now six different passes (see below) that let you participate in classes as well as a further five specials which will be available as coupons to new and existing students. Now you can join in on all the drumming or dancing, one dance and one drum class, any class, 4 classes or just casually to any class. The unlimited class pass is the best value, giving access to all the classes for the entire month.

We hope this new system as well as the  second night will encourage those that have extra work and family commitments to start attending classes at their convenience and also this system will really benefit those that would like to increase their drum and dance classes throughout the week. Either way we are looking forward to doing more drum and dance with you next year!


Any Drum Class Pass – Access to 3 drum classes per week valid for one four week course.
Any Dance Class Pass – Access to 3 dance classes per week valid for one four week course.
1 Drum 1 Dance Class Pass – Access to one drum and one dance class per week. Valid for one four week course.
Unlimited Class Pass – Access to any drum or dance class. Valid for one four week course.
4 Class Pass – Access to one drum class per week. Valid for one four week course.
Casual –  Access to one drum class.

All class passes are now available and you can now book in online.


What did you enjoy most about attending a Rhythm Culture class?

Here are some of the responses from the survey. Thanks everyone!

“The vibe that comes from the people and drums very cool and relaxing.”

“Challenging and fun”

“Creating rhythms with a group”

“Fun and learning something new.”

“Nathaniel plays wonderful music, and learning a few rhythms was a lot of fun!”

“The drumming was awesome to dance to. The people were lots of fun too. “

“To do something I love; the laughter, fun & like minded people.”

“They were fun and very interactive”

“Nat is so knowledgeable and shares generously. He is completely relaxed and encouraging. I soon realised the only person with expectations was me so i should just relax and enjoy the experience.”

“Great vibe, great people, very enjoyable, great teaching”

“It was so much fun to learn a new rhythm each block and everyone was very friendly and accommodating”

“Was great my two boys love it”

“I love the energy the live drumming brings to the class. Pascale, the teacher, is amazing and she is always bringing something new to class. I’m a big fan :-)”

“Just getting back into drumming. Miss it sooo much.”

“Being part of a group and learning a new skill.”

“The atmosphere”

“Good fun!”

“Relaxed and fun”

“The African dance style is amazing! The drumbeats just urge you to dance. I also attended the African Foli and loved it.”

“All of it! The skills taught, the enthusiasm of Bec and Nat, the energy, the community feel between everyone there. Loved the African dance.”

“I liked how fun and energizing the classes were. The feeling of communion with other participants. The soulful music.”

“The drumming of course. And the people”

“Letting go of the stresses of my life – love the drumming – felt alive!!!”

“It was fun, teacher was very competent”

“The friendliness of other students”

“The fabulous energy”

“The mental challenge of keeping the rhythm”

“Mix of playing music and learning dances in the family class”

“Having to be in the present. Good for the brain- coordination. Fun- enjoyed the rhythm and sound and shared interest”

“Was great and hope to be able to attend some next year.”

“Connecting when everyone is drumming”

“The sense of communal fun and freedom of expression”

“The sexy instructors”

“The drumming!!”

“Live music.”

“The community, the friendly spirit, fitness, learning something new”

“Interesting and challenging”

“Slipping into a polyrhythm trance mannnnnnn Community involvement n stuff”

“The energy and enthusiasm from the two leaders on Tuesday nights beginners.”

“Friendly Happy Vibrant Challenging Fun Made me smile.”

“Well the rhythm for a start – the teacher, the dancers, the comraderie, feeling part of a team – I loved the classes!”

“Nathaniel was extremely helpful great knowledge and assistance.”

“Fun, exercise, live drumming”



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