Last week we visited Montessori Caboolture School and had a wonderful time sharing African culture, drumming and rhythm with all of the children.

The children had been learning about Africa and they were very excited about the drumming aspect! There were children ranging from 3 – 6 years old and the group was split into two and run back to back. The workshops were to be held in the library amongst all of the books (our favourite place to be!)

Some of the kids were playing next to where we were loading the Rhythm Culture van in and every time we came back with another load of drums we would say ‘hello hello hello’ until they chorused ‘HELLO’ back.

In this incursion we visited Guinea in West Africa and learnt the music language and culture of the Susu people.

In the beginning the two classes made their way in and sat down in front of me with big curious eyes. They listened carefully to the Susu song and had many ideas on what the song could be about.

Everyone was very excited to learn about the percussion and keen to play all of the different instruments. We think they could have spent the whole workshop playing percussion if we had let them!! We had so many other exciting things to share including some dance moves and the big jump and also of course playing on the djembe, so we had to finish the percussion section up and get moving to our next activities.

The teacher’s at this school were really involved and hands-on and once again this is always inspiring for the children to see their teachers enjoying themselves as much as the children themselves.

When we were leaving and loading up the drums, the children said “goodbye goodbye goodbye.” A little boy Jake chased us around the fence to say “goodbye” as we were moving the van from the library. We absolutely loved sharing African drumming, language, music and culture with this creative bunch of children and teachers! Thank you for having us Caboolture Montessori School!

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