Last week we visited the lovely Beerwah and District Kindergarten. We have visited the kindergarten several times, but this time we were set for a West African Dance Rumble Kindy Workshop and so instead of loading in 30 drums, we brought a big speaker and the magic dancing scarf!

The weather has been gloomy all week, but you would never notice at this kindy. When you step inside the atmosphere is so warm and cosy.

In both sessions the children were so excited to do the kindy workshop and they all had lots of stories about how they were dancers and where they had danced before. Some of the children offered a stretch to warm up for the dance and we stretched our toes without moving our feet. We were very intent on creeping through the jungle quietly, so that we wouldn’t be heard! For the finale we had big poses. Who could stay still like a statue?!

After our Macru Rhythm we danced in a big circle with the dancing scarf. The scarf waved its magic powers with children twirling and circling each other in a burst of excitement. All of the children had a turn and we clapped and cheered on our solo dance twirlers!

On our last day of kindy workshops, we were greeted with cuddles from all of the children and showered with gifts on departure! Beautiful drawings coloured with glitter and a colourful blue, gold and red belt made from crepe!

We left the children with a link to one of our Rhythm Culture dancing video links from our classes, so that the children could see their favourite drummer, Nathaniel and Bec in action.

Thank you for having us Beerwah Kindy!!! We enjoyed dancing with you very much!

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