This easter school holidays we had the pleasure of visiting Moggill State School which is located South West of Brisbane on the route towards Ipswich.

For our vacation care incursions we split the 100+ children into three different sessions and began with the little ones by asking “Who had been to Africa?” We were surprised to hear that they had all been to Africa! So we asked, “Who has been to Guinea in West Africa?” and again, they had all been to Guinea in West Africa! Wow!! How moments like these remind us the joy of being with children and their playful imaginations. Their sincere faces and excited wave of rising hands in their response was really such a delight. The session had begun!

We had a little boy named Max in the first session, who’s feet didn’t touch the ground yet. He chose the bongos as his instrument and he was especially chosen to counting us in for our rhythms, breaks and dances. His little voice and dedicated to taking the task on 100% was so adorable! We were drumming fast and loud, we jumped, we clapped and best of all we danced!

To finish our first session, we had an unexpected impromptu dance circle. We began with a wild ‘play what you like’ on your drum to finish off. Everyone started drumming initially but then all the kids started moving their bodies behind their drums. “Jump in the circle and move your body!” we cried, and so they did! and the session became a wild jumping dance party!

The second group was full of the lovely group of girls that greeted us on arrival and helped us unload the whole vehicle of drums. They were such a helpful and motivated group absolutely intrigued about the drums and excited about the drumming and dancing to come. In the workshop their dedication to the rhythms was fantastic. They were definitely our core group for the session. They held the rhythm whilst we explored the rhythms and sounds bouncing off one another.

For the final group we had the older kids and we added an extra rhythm in as a challenge. In the previous two sessions we focused on two rhythms but with this group they were so quick, we added a third one! and wow did this group like to play fast!! The final group was particularly fascinated by how the drums were made and asked lots of questions about the skin on the drums and how the wood was carved. They also asked if they could take them home!!

To show their appreciation for our vacation care incursions, the final group helped us load the drums back into the vehicle. Even this became a game… “how many drums can you fit and how high can you stack them!?”

Thank you for having us Moggill State School and we hope you enjoyed our easter school holiday workshops. We look forward to seeing you again!

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