Once again we were very happy to visit YMCA Sandgate OSHC at that Sandgate State School this Easter School Holidays. The school is located right across from a beautiful lagoon park in Sandgate and it always is such a pleasure to visit the children there.

We took the younger kids for the first session and while we were doing the drum sing dance vacation care workshop, there was one boy outside from the next group dancing every time we got the rhythm going. This was our view and we couldn’t help but smile at his grooving and moving from afar!

We ran 2 x 1 hour workshops at Sandgate and in the second vacation care drum sing dance workshop we had another little boy that was celebrating his 7th birthday. He kept saying that we had come especially for his birthday which was super cool! So we drummed and dance with his special day in mind!

The second session consisted mostly of the older children and the dancing boy from outside got everyone up and dancing. It was so much fun to witness how he inspired everyone to just let go and get into it. They were all having such a great dancing time and it was just amazing to see that it only took one boy to get them up and at it! All of the children let go of their inhibitions and the atmosphere was so fantastic and such a great pleasure to be a part of.

Thanks for having us again YMCA Sandgate OSHC. We look forward to seeing you all next holiday time!!

Rhythm Culture Team

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