Drumming on Harmony Day for us means celebrating Australia’s diversity, bringing people together, accepting differences and promoting multiculturalism.

Harmony Day in Australia is always a beautiful occasion celebrating Australia’s diversity and bringing people together to enjoy each other’s company and accept each others differences. 

This year once again we were drumming on Harmony Day. We visited the lovely aged care service, St Vincent’s care in Maroochydore and had a fantastic time with the community there. Once we arrived we started setting up the drums and whilst that was happening the people were being brought into the room in their wheelchairs and beds. Some of the group even had little instruments! There was orange all around in the room and we could see that we were in for some fun 🙂

Once we got started everyone was enjoying themselves, except for two ladies who thought it was a little bit noisy and asked us to play quieter 🙂 

It was especially fun when we came to the drum solo section and a few people took their first drums solo. There were a couple of experienced drummers and they had some really great drumming skills. Most of the group used drum sticks on the drums. This is our little trick to preventing sore hands and fatigue. A few of a few ladies made up their own rhythms and we could see that they really enjoyed doing that.

By 12pm everyone was starting to get hungry and the carers began taking the residents out for some food. Whilst everyone was waiting for their turn to be relocated the group kept on playing. It was so great to see the rhythm keep going whilst people were leaving.

Near the end of our Drumming On Harmony Day workshop there was only three or four of us left and one lady was copying exactly what we were playing on her drum. She could really listen to the music and play in time with the rhythms that we were playing. Afterwards we asked her how she had such good rhythm and she said that she was a dancer and that she used to do ballroom and all other different types of dancing. This was definitely a highlight that she out of everyone in the group had such a good rhythm and this all came from her bring a dancer. We always say in our classes that drumming will help your dancing and dancing will help you drumming. This was the moment of proof for this statement that we tell all of our drumming and dancing students.

It was such a lovely visit to St Vincents and although we do this every day. Harmony Day is really a special one to highlight. Every year we do something special to celebrate this day and once again, we were immersed in the community enjoying community.

See you all next year!!

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