Drumming with kids

Tips for parent and child

Have you just started an African drumming class with your child?  Here are a few tips that will help both you and your child get the most from our classes. Keep relaxed and have fun. The best learning happens when we are smiling.

  • Let you child find their own rhythm and way to play along. If their not doing exactly what the rest of the group is doing that’s ok.
  • Resist correcting them by telling your child what to play or grabbing their hands to help them play the rhythm. The same goes for dancing. It will help them get the rhythm or dance move faster but over the class they will enjoy it less and less and probably you will too.
  • Play with them and have fun. When your child watches you enjoying drumming and dancing and having fun they will want to do the same. This way they are also learning for themselves and become independent.
  • Have a rest. When you need to or your child needs to just take a rest. Especially for children sometimes they will need to stop playing or dancing and have a rest. They are still learning in these times by listening to the rhythms or watching the dance. Having a rest gives them a chance to take in what they are learning and also use other learning skills: ie: listening, watching etc…..

We hope you find this helpful and enjoy drumming and dancing with us!!

Photo image taken by Tani Du Toit

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