We had such an awesome drum and dance session with the crew at Bijam of Yoga in Beerwah on Saturday. Theresa from Bijan Of Yoga runs half day Yoga Retreats and this week we were her special guests after the morning session. We kicked off the session with some drumming and got the crew learning breaks and rhythm parts to the rhythm Djole. This session in the sun out in the open field was a little bit lovely after all of the rain. When our hands and bodies were warm and we had our drumming parts arranged we jumped up and learnt the dance that would accompany the rhythm. The group then split up and tried out their drumming and dancing simultaneously! There were lots of laughs and focused faces. A perfect way to enjoy a Saturday morning. A group of women in the sun drumming and dancing!!

Drumming, dancing and Yoga is a bit of a hit on the South East Coast. We have provided drum and dance workshops to numerous retreats and back in the day when we could run our drum and dance camps we would always compliment the mornings with a yoga session to get the day started. Is it because people who do yoga also enjoy drum and dance? Yes definitely, there seems to be a like attracts like going on there. Health, fitness, joy and movement. What more could you ask for really?!

You can catch Theresa and her yoga sessions as part of the Sunshine Coast Council Healthy Sunshine Coast in Beerwah here. This is another awesome Free or low cost event from Healthy Sunshine Coast.

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