Djembes have arrived and they are beautiful! It's always super exciting being surrounded by a new shipment of drums. The wood is so beautiful. Full of exciting goodness! We have so many new drums for sale that we wont get a chance to pop them up on the website until some time in the future, but if you have something in mind 

Over the past few months we have been flat our with djembe reskins, so we are now hoping to these new shells made up. You will see this stock filtering through our classes as we get more time to make them up on weekends. There are 10'',12'' & 13'' inch in sizes and the prices range from $250 to $550. So, stop the reskins alright?! ;)  

If you have something special in mind, a sound or colour preference, now is the time to put your order through. This will be the best way to get a beautiful looking and sounding djembe made just for you.

Shells have been carved in Ghana and in the Ivory Coast, West Africa. We rope and skin the drums up with Australian hide. More details can be found on our website.


Our drum making highlight for this month was definitely this beautiful set of dunduns. Katie chose this purple colour. After weeks of rain, we managed to get these beautiful drums made and ready to go to their cosy new home. 

We get a bit attached to dunduns, its our weak point. So if you order some, know that we have considered keeping them before we hand them over! :)

You can check out some prices in our shop but for individual viewings and some updated photos of new stock contact us on 0434585992.

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