Sunday May 12th was Mothers Day in Australia. To celebrate, Community Kids, a daycare and Early Childhood Centre in Annerley, Brisbane asked us to come drum, sing and dance!

It was a beautiful little setting with a stage set up under a big tree. We had lots of fun getting everyone involved with drums and percussion.

For half an hour we had everyone drumming singing and dancing and we even got to get some of the mum’s up on stage to help show everyone how to dance and to play a drum solo! Yay! Go Mums!!

When we asked the kids to say ‘sorsonet’ which was the name of the song that we were all singing and clapping together, we thought that some of the kids said ‘sausage’. This was a very funny moment!

We really enjoyed celebrating the mothers for this special event. Usually our focus is on the children and it was really nice to have parents there joining in on the fun. Early Childhood Centres can range in ages and we usually separate the children a little bit according to their ages. This was an all inclusive workshop with lots of laughs, drumming, singing and dancing.

Happy Mothers Day everyone and thanks for having us Community Kids!

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