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Around the world there are lots of amazing projects and people doing awesome things. Two of our favourites lately have been David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef which has been on the ABC. The footage is breathtaking and shows just how incredible and fragile this natural wonder really is. The Manta rays, the humpbacks, the green turtles and all those incredible reef fish. Too many colours and sights to see in one go!!

The second is the unveiling of Tesla’s Model 3 on March 31st which is the third step in their electric car revolution after the Roadster and Model S and X. With 345km of range on a single charge, auto pilot, 0-100km in 6 seconds, and most importantly zero emissions Tesla has already taken 325,000 reservations which comes to around $14 billion in revenue. With a $50,000 price tag in Australia it’s not quite a mass market rival just yet but certainly well on the way! Of course the Australian government’s complete lack of incentives, “the most unenlightened developed country in the world” according to myelectriccar doesn’t help get electric cars down under. Many other EV car makers including BMW, Nissan and Renault have also expressed their disappointment with the Australian governments policy.


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