St Edmunds College in Ipswich were celebrating Creative Arts week in August 2019 and were providing different activities that wouldn’t normally be involved in their Creative Arts Program. This opportunity allowed the students to experience something different from outside of the school in a safe and inspiring environment. So drumming it was!

We quiet often travel to Ipswich for different incursions and activities and always enjoy the experience we have people in the local area for this workshop at St Edmunds College, we had a very inspiring dedicated group of young men who were very talented in rhythm. We played with call and response and focused on learning some breaks and different accompaniments for the rhythm Djole. The group loved our African drumming school incursion and were very curious about the instrument, the djembe and had lots of questions about where it was made and how.

You can can catch Rhythm Culture and the students in this impressive clip of their week of celebrations!

The students were very impressed with the lime green djembe machine and gave us big send off on departure after helping us load of all the drums back into the van.

We had loads of fun with these students and think it is so wonderful that schools such as St Edmunds are providing opportunities for the students to engage in activities that are not usually in their syllabus. Hope to see you again next year St Edmunds college in Ipswich!! 🙂

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