2020 was definitely memorable in many ways. For us, it was the year that our third child was born on the day of lock down 22nd March. We took a break from the world, spent time in the garden with lots of baby snuggles. There was chaos, lots of laughter, fear and hope. We missed our community and things have never returned back to how they were. The whole world changed on the day our son was born.

As we slide out of our cocoon from the past few months, we all step very carefully and we intend on entering 2021 very quietly (if that’s possible). Our fingers and toes are crossed for everything to return back to how it used to be because we are ready for new exciting things in 2021 and we know everyone who is reading this is also ready to step cautiously towards a much more peaceful and positive 2021.

So, in light of that we say farewell to 2020 and welcome back classes that will be starting back Feb 2nd 20. This year we will be gathering together much more and sharing the our passion for drum and dance. Expect student performances gatherings, intensives and slightly different (more organised) Rhythm Culture.

We would also like to do a massive shout out to everyone who performed at our Christmas party! You all looked amazing and videos can be found on social media We are really looking forward to seeing everyone back in classes again! Stay updated on Facebook and the drum and dance classes page for more info.

See you all soon!!

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