10 Jolly good reasons why you’ll love Djembe drumming with Rhythm Culture

Here we have compiled a few reasons on why we think you will love drumming with us! Most of them are true, but some are purely for your enjoyment! 😉

  • It doesn’t get old and it is already ancient

These rhythms have been played for much longer than we have been alive since around the 13th century!

  • We get people groovin

Our drumming guarantees dancing results ( come drum at the dance class and see for yourself)

  • “oh baby, these beats put a jingle in mah booty!”

We keep our promises

  • Research keeps proving drumming makes you very, very happy

You’ve seen it before and you will see it again

  • Vikings prefer us

Well they would if they were still around

  • Once you start.. you just can’t stop smiling

Have you ever seen a djembe drummer in tears whilst drumming?

  • We have one helluva nice teacher

It’s true, he is pretty nice

  • We start them young

Drumming starts in utero (just ask African dancer, Bec)

  • We have Saturplay

It’s a free community event every month….just for fun!

  • Expert artists like Bassidi Kone jam with us

They do and they will.. keep an eye out on who we have visiting us at the end of the year!

10 reasons to drum new and old drummers NEW

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