School Programs – Drum & Dance Workshops

School programs for children to encourage well-being, music, play, physical exercise, multicultural celebrations and the appreciation of diversity through African music and culture.

African Drumming Workshops

Each student will have their own quality African drum and will delve into to the wonderful world of West African rhythms. All the elements of an ensemble will be introduced and the group will have the opportunity to not only take part in this ensemble but listen to the merging rhythms and instruments that complete the entire sound.

In Africa, drumming is communication. It is a dialogue, just like speaking. Rhythms are spoken, sung and sounded out.  Drumming is a fantastic opportunity to reap the benefits of rhythm and music. Students tend to experience more ease with African drums than other instruments. Solo skills help children gain confidence in what they are trying to express to the world. Drumming in itself is a form of communication.  Unspoken words can be delivered through the hands on a drum. It is an effect activity to help communication and self expression.

In Africa, communities, villages and families work together.  Drumming is best in a group, particularly in a circle. In Africa there is a strong emphasis on communities, villages, families and friends. Working together builds social skills and problem solving techniques.

Students need active and engaging play.
Too often we forget the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of simple play.
Overall children just want to have fun.
A happy child is where a good life begins for communities, schools, families and friends.
The pure joy of a child is what makes the world go round.
A happy child, feels confident, brave, strong and sensitive.

African drumming is fun! So come and play!

Explore sound, tempo and rhythm. Where do you hear the 1 and the 4? Can you clap off the beat whilst stepping your feet? Let’s do double time! Add one more slap! Go faster, play quieter!  Change rhythms! Can you hold the beat whilst watching the other group?!

What else will students learn in our School Programs?


  • Call and response drumming patterns.
  • A traditional West African rhythm.
  • Coordination exercises using the left and right side of the body.
  • Appreciation of African culture and the significance of rhythms.
  • Dynamic and engaging exercises.
  • Individual expression through solo activities.
  • Physical and mental release through this ancient artform.
  • Integration and synchronisation through ensemble skills.
  • Spatial awareness.
  • Unity with fellow students.
  • Self control.
  • Active listening.

Enhance your curriculum or extra curricular activities with our school programs that align with initiatives such as The National Quality Standard Professional Learning Program and The Australian Government, National Cultural Policy, Creative Australia.

school programs

African Dancing Workshops

Dancing is an art form created by bodily motion through space.
Dancing is pure joy.
Dancing is therapeutic.
Dancing is mindfulness.
Dancing is the present moment where you are paying attention.
Dancing encourages physical exercise for mental well-being, releases social pressure and decreases stress.

Keeping active strengthens confidence and improves self esteem. African dance workshops allow for individual expression within a facilitated group session.

What will students learn in their African Dance Workshop?


  • To connect with others through movement and rhythm.
  • Expand the body’s movement.
  • Coordination
  • Self-confidence
  • Mindfulness through dance.
  • Appreciation of different cultural practices through music and dance.
Dancers learn to use and hold ones personal space within a moving group.  Spatial awareness through movement alongside fellow students.

To understand their relationship to their surroundings by paying attention to when and where they move with ease.  Encourages present awareness of ones own body and place in space.

African dance, where knees are bent, hips are rolling and arms are moving circular. The dancer leaps, skips, hops and jumps from an energy pulsating from within the drum.

Students will love the joy of West African Dance. Fun choreography with upbeat and earthy moves.  Every dance has an ancient story or purpose and the connection between the drum and the dancing feet is established with students learning about breaks and calls to each rhythm. There is no limit to how much fun we have when we are dancing!

Go low, move fast, leap, jump, step, hear the call, dance a break, left right, up, down, to the side and don’t forget to smile!

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