Kids Drum Class Sunshine Coast




Kids Drum Class Sunshine Coast


What happens?

  • We will play African djembes (drum)
  • We will play African dunduns (drum)
  • We will play African rhythms and make up some of our own!
  • We will play unique African percussion
  • There will be body percussion
  • Call and response music patterns
  • We ask lots of questions
  • Learn about how and what the African instruments are made from



The Benefits:
These benefits are all apart of the classes and are experienced in a fun, playful and engaging way.
  • Musical  – drumming, singing, and lots of instruments
  • Physical – dancing, coordination, spacial awareness
  • Interactive – every child has an instrument to play
  • Educational – counting, language, listening, directions
  • Social – teamwork, communication, connection, community
  • Cultural – learn about African culture through stories and play.
  • Creative – thinking, playing and movement
  • Loads of fun and enjoyment!



“I have been teaching and facilitating drumming classes and workshops for  10 years. Rhythm is contagious and everyone can do it, so come and join in the fun!” – Nathaniel Combs


Check out our free djembe lessons here



Terms and Conditions:  Kids Drum class are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be exchanged for classes at a later date once the term has started.

Additional information

Kids Drum Class

4 Class Pass, 3 Class Pass, Casual, 4 Class Pass 2 Kids, 3 Class Pass 2 Kids, Casual 2 Kids


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