African Dance Fitness Classes

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African Dance Fitness Classes

Welcome to African Dance and Fitness classes lead by Bec Mount from Rhythm Culture.

What are the benefits of African dance fitness classes?

  • African dance expresses strength, femininity and masculinity in a natural way.
  • The interplay between the dance and the drumming is complex and exciting.
  • It’s the most fun way to exercise hard that we can possibly think of!
  • The African dance and drumming community has been the source of many beloved and enduring friendships.
  • An opportunity to practice, learn and build your knowledge about the ritualistic dances from various regions of Africa.
  • The opportunity to learn the significant aspects of each of the dances ranging from celebrating festivals, funerals, initiations and religious events.
  • Fitness through rhythm. It provides a wide range of mental and physical health benefits.
  • Learning to isolate through various movements allowing your body to build strength, flexibility and agility.
  • The rhythm of the drums and dance collectively brings a community of people together to celebrate.
  • A great way to learn discipline and coordination
  • African dance allows you to distress and reconnect to the environment around you making you more conscience and aware.

African Dance Fitness Classes


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