Drum Sing Dance School Workshops

Rhythm Culture provides students of Queensland with a musical and cultural experience through the teachings of an indigenous art practiced by ethnic and western people all over the world.

Our interactive and engaging DRUM SING DANCE workshops are for children and young adults in Early Childhood, Kindergarten, Prep, Primary and Secondary school settings.

Enhance your curriculum or extra curricular activities with cultural programs that align with initiatives such as The National  Quality Standard Professional Learning Program and  The Australian Government, National Cultural Policy, Creative Australia.

Rhythm Culture workshops provide children with an insight into traditional culture through instruments, costume, story, song, music and dance whilst ensuring that young people are;

  • being activated creatively through social and cultural education
  • developing and strengthening communication skills
  • enhancing self-efficacy, self-esteem and self-confidence levels
  • being encouraged to use abstract ideas and problem solving techniques
  • motivated through sound, physical activity and community engagement.
We consider these skills and practices essential to the growth and development of independent, competent, young happy individuals.  Most importantly, through the diverse, rich culture of West Africa, children will be given the opportunity to make music in an enchanting and delightful environment.  Rhythm Culture currently provides workshops for Councils, Schools, Colleges, Active After School Care and Youth and Disability organisations all over QLD. For more information and program details Ph 0434585992 or email



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