Private Tuition drum Classes

Our private tuition drum classes are available for Djembe, Dundun, and Balafon. These lessons involve 1hr intensives and will closely focus on technique, coordination, accompaniments, and a range of rhythmic feelings.

These individual sessions are also a great gift idea for friends and family. Rhythms will be broken down to assist your understanding in timing, and the different accompaniments within an African drumming ensemble.

We also play third and forth djembe accompaniments which require more skill and rhythmic understanding.  All levels are encouraged to undertake private tuition to help advance their playing.  The content covered in these classes is far more indepth than in our open classes.

These lessons will cater for your level and personal requirements.  Gift vouchers for private tuition drum classes are available all year round and are valid for 12 months.

Private Tuition Drum Classes Youtube Channel

Check out some of the rhythms Nathaniel has taught in our drumming classes!

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