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Welcome to African Dance Classes Sunshine Coast.

African dance incorporates lots of stepping, wide arms, big movements that encourage isolation and patterns within the body. There is a focus on sequences and fast paced movements.

“In Africa drumming and dancing are a part of everyday life. The music and rhythmic movements bring community together. It creates pure joy. The freedom to express yourself amongst family. The community we have created on the Sunshine Coast are our family. We all breathe the same drum and dance air. There is so much happening in our classes and so many different types of people. Some people come to get fit, others come to study the rhythms and movements. All of our dance classes are with live drumming. The difference is phenomenal.” – Bec (African dance teacher)

Every 4 weeks we begin a new dance. West African dances are based around a story. Whether its about initiation, a dance about showcasing masks, birth, death or an encouragement to the local farmers, there seems to be a dance/rhythm for most important life events. How beautiful! To celebrate life and its tribulations with music and dance.

African Dance Classes

Next course starts Tuesday September 26th, 2017.
@ Palmwoods Memorial Hall
1 Main St  Palmwoods, Sunshine Coast
All dates: September 26th, October 3rd, 10th, 24th
NB: No class October 17th

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Rhythm Culture Drum and Dance Programme





Drum Class-Intermediate-Badenya Foli

Drum Class-Beginners-Kalankora Foli


Dance Class-To live drumming!

Dundun Dance Class-Dance with stick drums


Drum Class-Experienced-Foli Kan

Dundun Drum Class-Drumming with sticks

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Why do we love African dance classes?

African dance is all about moving your body, having fun and learning to hear rhythm. Live drumming in these classes give a very unique gift to dance and allows dancers to connect to the ancient rhythms of Africa. These classes are for lovers of dance, music and for those that want a fun workout! Join us Tuesday nights for an open dance class with live drumming to help you get your body and feet moving and grooving. All fitness levels are welcome and there will be warm ups and high energy West African rhythm and dance moves.

  • African dance expresses strength and femininity in a natural way.
  • The interplay between the dance and the drumming is complex and exciting.
  • It’s the most fun way to exercise that we can possibly think of!
  • Fitness through rhythm. It provides a wide range of mental and physical health benefits.
  • Learning to isolate through various movements allowing your body to build strength and flexibility.
  • The rhythm of the drums and dance collectively brings a community of people together to celebrate.
  • A great way to improve memory and coordination.
  • African dance allows you to unwind and reconnect to the environment around you making you more conscience and aware.
  • It’s living in the moment!

You can now book your dance classes online at our shop!

Terms and Conditions: African dance classes are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be exchanged for classes at a later date once the course has started. 

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